Reversible Sun Blanket, Tiger Print/Violet

Regular price R899.00

Made from our Natural Defence UPF50+ fabric, this blanket is soft against your child's skin, but tough against the sun's harmful rays. Use in every way imaginable when sun coverage is required.

Comes in handy for shielding your baby in the stroller on sunny days, especially when they're sleeping. Kids love using it to build forts and play underneath for hours without the harsh glare of the sun. Also great for covering shoulders when out and about, at picnics, or after they've dried off on the beach.

As well as giving instant UV coverage, this beautiful sun cover is reversible, so choose which side you want to show off! Perfect for keeping in the car on standby or as a baby shower gift.

Natural Defence UPF50+ fabric
Reversible design 
165cm x 90cm
95% cotton 5% elastane
Machine washable at 40 degrees

Made in South Africa.